Alfa Tours is a Cusco company that offers tourist services mainly to Latin and European customers, we focus our efforts to provide quality service at affordable prices; Committed in all our operations with the conservation of the heritage; The environment and the social environment in which we carry out our activities.
Our main principles and commitments are listed in the following points:

  • 1- Alfa Tours is committed to comply with the provisions of the legal regulations and with the commitments it has entered into with its customers and other stakeholders.
  • 2- The company’s activities will be managed by processes, setting ambitious objectives for the key processes that will be evaluated and updated with a minimum annual periodicity.
  • 3- Adequate systems will be established to prevent pollution and manage resources efficiently, ensuring the correct interaction of the company’s members with nature.
  • 4- It will ensure to the collaborators spaces of decent work and continuous support for their professional improvement.
  • 5- Alfa Tours Commits to respect the human rights of internal and external customers of the company.
  • 6- A system of continuous improvement will be followed which will allow to improve the way of carrying out and managing the company’s activities in order to increase its efficiency and efficiency.
  • 7-Alfa Tours will promote a constant dialogue between all the members of your organization, instituting a feeling of horizontal treatment.

These principles will be communicated and followed by all staff. In addition, this policy will be reviewed periodically to adapt it to the current situation of the company.