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  • amantani(huros amantani taquile2 dias (5)
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Islands Of Uros – Amanti – Taquile
The islanders are dedicated to the textile and grazing, summarizing in the charm of life with nature, stand out the craftsmanship of the natives who persist in their classic dress. In Amantaní as on the island of Taquile there are no hotels or restaurants, food and accommodation is provided by the islanders in their own homes. From afar you can see ancient platforms, built in pre-Columbian times. On the island you can admire sacred sites of the pre-Inca cultures Pukara, Lupaka and Inca culture. Until the mid-twentieth century the island was land of hacendados. At last, after several uprisings, the people of Amantani managed to expel the landowners to take possession of the lands which were worked by them. Today, around 4000 people live on the island. Most are peasants, who speak their native language Quechua and Castilian. Like their ancestors they live in houses of adobe and they are dedicated to the raising of sheep and to the agriculture. In the innumerable platforms they grow potatoes, goose, barley and “the cereal of the Incas” quinoa. This island of Amantaní is peaceful and beautiful as the island of Taquile but of greater extension, on top of its higher hills there are two temples “Pachatata” and “Pachamama”, from here the view of the highest lake of the world imposes its wonder In the eyes of the world. There are still numerous archaeological remains including centers of worship and worship; As well as beautiful fabrics made by the comuneros.

Your hotel.
DEPARTURE TIME Please be ready 30 min. Before pick up time
Transfers In / Out Motor boat (bus seats) Lodging and meals in Amantani (1D / 1A / 1C)
Bilingual professional guide Tickets 2nd lunch in Taquile
DURATION OF THE TOUR 2D / 1N 8:00 a.m. 3:30 pm. Of the following day.


Day 1:

Pick up of the passengers of their respective hotels at approximately 7:45 a.m. Transfer from the hotel - port (IN / OUT) .Partida del Puerto Puno, with direction to the floating islands of the Uros. Arrival to the first floating island, organized comuneros will demonstrate their. True ancestral activities. Departure to the second floating island. Departure to the island of Amantani. Arrival to the island of Amantani, organized families will wait for us in the community to take us and welcome us in their typical family houses, where we share pleasant and unforgettable moments with them. Lunch and rest time. Walk to the ceremonial temple "Pachatata", we will enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Titikaka and Surroundings, as well as a spectacular view of the sunset. Descent towards the respective houses of family. Family dinner. Peña show optional.


Day 2:

The next day, departure from the port of Amantani to the island of Taquile. Arrival to the island of Taquile 30 minute walk to a communal house where organized families will present a demonstration of dances, music and textiles, through which your passengers will enjoy and share the true customs and traditions of this beautiful island. Lunch at the same place (with a lake view), free time. 20 minute walk to the village square, free time. Descent towards the pier. Departure to Puno. Arrival to the Port of Puno.


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